greeting ladies at tea

The Pine Castle Woman's Club is now open and taking reservations as we continue to support the Russell Home for Atypical Children. Our regular "tea times" are on Monday and Tuesday at 11:30 am by reservation only. We are volunteers who are serving the community!

Let us help you celebrate birthdays or your unique party. Hats and shawls are available to wear while enjoying the delectable tea party food and delicious teas. We have a beautiful brick patio for private parties and gatherings.

We will serve 6 to 24 people, but we only prepare for the exact number of reservations! Special arrangement must be made in advance for additional guests. Special occasion arrangements can be made with advance notice.

Also "Grannie's Closet" is available where you may browse and select just the right gifts for you and your friends.

Leave your name and number today to set your "tea time" at our dedicated phone: 407-494-9118. We will return your call as soon as possible.

Remember we continue to support the Russell Home for Atypical Children through our tea parties, so we ask that your gracious donation be a minimum of $20.00 per person. An extra fee is asked for special occasion celebrations.